Action Alert! Give ESPs a Raise – Attract and Retain Education Support Professionals!


Action Alert! We need your letters!

Our JESPA negotiations team is currently negotiating our wages. We know that turnover is high among Education Support Professionals and that many of our members are working two or more jobs to make ends meet. No matter what your circumstances, we need your voice to be heard.

Let the district know why you are a valuable employee and why it is important to attract and retain the best employees. Ultimately, we are all here to make Jeffco public schools great for our students, parents, and our community. ​

Instructions: Write us a letter with YOUR story. Include in your story why you deserve a raise. How many years have you been in Jeffco? What important work do you do that impacts our students? What are your personal circumstances and how are you struggling to make ends meet? Focus on the positive and on your work with students.

Address your letter to the Jeffco Board of Education and Superintendent. Please make sure to include your name, worksite, and job title in your email signature.

Send your letters by Thursday, May 16th to

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Jeffco Education Support Professionals ensure the safety, health, and success of all students.

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Our members are working hard to advocate for students and Education Support Professionals, but we can't do without you!

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