District Admin’s Counterproposal is Ridiculous, Includes Themselves in Costing Calculations

District admin calculate raises for themselves, then propose nothing for those in harm's way

When responding to the JESPA proposal for pay increases, the district’s team calculated the cost including the administrators and licensed staff.

We are bargaining for the lowest paid workers in the district.  When the district administration adds themselves into the costing of the proposal to create misinformation about the cost of the JESPA proposal, we take issue with that.

This was not a fair way to bargain and implied that JESPA made a huge proposal, when really, JESPA’s proposal for ongoing raises is closer to $7.5 – $8 million, NOT $48.5 million.

The district cited past practices for why steps and cola are not affordable for ESPs is because they want to apply the same raise equally to all administrators and licensed.  Our sister union, JCEA has made a financial proposal, and we support that proposal.  It is different from our proposal.  But neither of our groups negotiate for the Administrator’s Association.

The hard working folks who will be on the front line and who have no other option but to go to work in person, are facing hazardous working conditions and putting themselves and their loved ones at risk.  The district can do better and must bargain a fair increase for ESPs, that recognizes that the wage schedules at the very bottom benefit the least from across the board percentage increases, while those at the top benefit the most.

Here are the 3 slides that make up the district’s counter-proposal which would provide for minimal language changes and only commits to ongoing discussion on compensation structures.  Please let the JESPA bargaining team know what you think.  You can watch the full negotiations session here: https://livestream.com/accounts/10429076/jespa-negotiations/videos/208689470

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