JESPA Supports King Soopers Workers and UFCW #7


King Soopers workers to strike starting Wednesday, Jan 12th

The JESPA Board has voted to show support for the UFCW strike. 8,000 frontline workers at 78 King Soopers’ stores in Colorado and Wyoming need our support in the coming weeks (January 12-February 2nd) as they strike. UFCW Local 7 announced that by a stunning majority, their membership has voted to strike until their reasonable requests (wage increases, safer working conditions, and good faith bargaining) are met by Kroger/City Market. Apparently, King Soopers has broken the contract by hiring outside vendors (outsourcing) to perform the same tasks as union workers at a higher rate of pay. Read more here…

UFCW-Local 7/King Soopers (Kroger/City Market)

Negotiations Update


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