JESPA Wins Again! 2022 Bargaining News!


Below is an overview of our wins:

Article 8 – Leaves

  • Paid Sick time leave cannot be denied. 
  • Expanded definition of family to include; domestic partners, relationships that are like family, significant others, and more. 
  • Bereavement leave is now available to Paraproffesionals.
  • Maternity leave has been changed to Parental & Childcare leave, to include any parent of a child.
  • Establishes an opt-in Sick leave bank for all ESPs. This permits ESPs to be granted Sick leave time beyond a total Sick leave accrual.

Article 11 – Reduction in Force(excludes parapros/health aides, found in Article 5)

  • New language stipulates that reducing 1 position is a RIF. 
  • Staff that are reduced have the opportunity to be placed in an opening in the district first.
  • “Job Performance” or “Skills” are no longer used to determine the order of a RIF, but instead establishes that seniority is the only determining factor, which would otherwise allow admin to cut staff based on level of pay, age, or favoritism.

Article 16 & Food Service

  • Article 16 establishes a pilot program that includes worker, family, and community voice in a committee with the goal of creating healthy, culturally relevant school meals for the students of Jeffco. 
  • The MEQ proposal resulted in a MOU to determine the fate of junk food in school kitchens and that no Food Service Manager can be red-circled or reduced in pay as a result of the sale of junk food.

Healthcare & Benefits

  • JESPA members fought to renegotiate the Benefits Advisory Committee, which is comprised of billionaire insurance brokers, administrators, and JCEA. A new structure will create rules and boundaries that will not prevent JESPA from being able to negotiate healthcare in good faith with district counterparts and their third part interests. 
  • +$20 added to employer contribution, from $529 to $549

Wages & Compensation – 22% average increase!

  • A historic multi-year proposal! Never before has the district budgeted for ESPs beyond the upcoming school year!
  • JESPA members campaigned for a $3/hr increase to ALL ESPs and that has been achieved:
    • $2/hr for all ESPs & step increases for eligible employees, to be implemented September of 2022 (average of 13.5% increase)
    • $1/hr for all ESPs & step increases for eligible employees, implemented September of 2023 (average of 8.5%)
    • Automatic reopening of financial compensation negotiations if the district receives any additional funding.
    • The Wage Schedule Committee will meet and work on longevity schedule improvements.

The next step to secure these wins is for JESPA members to ratify this tentative agreement.

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