Agreement Reached on Benefits Advisory Committee


JESPA and JCEA (the Jefferson County Education Association) joined forces to negotiate a new process for the Benefits Advisory Committee.  JESPA/JCEA and the District reached an agreement that outlines the rules for how the committee operates.

“We needed a stronger voice on this committee, as well as transparency, and fairness,” said Lara Center, JESPA President. “The last several years, our benefits plans were declining and we seemed powerless to make any change through this committee, outnumbered by administrators and an insurance broker.”

The agreement makes JESPA and JCEA more active participants and helps assure that we won’t be treated as tokens. It clarifies our roles and gives us access to information we need to make decisions prior to meetings so that we can prepare.  The agreement also clarifies that this committee works to bring recommendations to the bargaining table for final decision-making.

You can read the MOU here.

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