JESPA Membership Terms and Conditions


Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership terms and conditions may be updated periodically

Membership Dues:

JESPA members pay annual unified dues to belong to their local, unit, state, and national union. Union membership dues are a combination of a flat rate and a percentage of income.  Total Dues = CEA/NEA + LOCAL + JESPA.

New 23-24 annual dues rates:


0.65% of gross annual wages, excluding overtime (2023-24 discount from .75% of gross wages)

CEA and NEA dues:

A flat annual rate prorated over 12 months: Fewer than 1,440 hours is considered part-time (ex. 180 days x 8 hours/day = 1,440)

  • FT Full Time (more than 1440 hours) =285.83 per year or $23.82/month (if non-prorated 10-month: 28.58 per month)
  • PT Part Time (less than 1440 hours per year) = $154.67 per year or $12.89/month (if non-prorated 10-month: 15.47 per month)
  • QT Quarter time (less than 720 hours per year) = $129.42 per year or $10.79 per month (if non-prorated 10-month: 12.94 per month)
Local Dues based on your job title:
  • JCAP: Paraprofessionals & Health Aides, $0.50/month
  • JCSFSA: Food Service, $1/month
  • JCPK: Preschool, $1/month
  • JCAEOP: Office Professionals and Para Educators $1/month
  • JCSSA: Custodial & Facility Managers, $2/month
  • JCSA: Security & Safety, $2/month
  • JCMA: Maintenance, $3/month
  • JCTA: Bus Drivers, Assistants, and Transportation Employees, $5/mont

Membership Agreements/Terms and Conditions:


Cancellation Procedure:

If you wish to terminate your membership with JESPA (Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association), please follow the established procedure outlined below.

1. Written Request:
Prepare a signed, written request indicating your intent to cancel your membership with JESPA. Include your full name, contact details, and employee ID#.

2. Submission Deadline:
Submit your signed cancellation request ONLY between August 15th and August 31st of the current year. This ensures timely processing before the upcoming membership year and is required per the terms. Requests made at other times will not be honored unless the member qualifies for a hardship.

3. Delivery Method:
Mail your written cancellation request to the following address and make sure it is received by JESPA during the cancellation window.
Attn: Membership Cancellations
910 Loveland Street
Golden, CO 80401

You may also drop the notice in our pony box at the JESPA office during the window.

4. Confirmation:
Upon receiving your cancellation request, JESPA will acknowledge its receipt via email and/or written correspondence. This acknowledgment will serve as confirmation that your cancellation request is being processed.

5. Effective Date:
Membership cancellations will be effective beginning the following membership year (September).

6. Adjustments to dues and refunds.
If you change your employment status, job, pay rate, or hours a JESPA will adjust your dues payment and local association membership accordingly, but it is your responsibility to let us know so that we can adjust your dues in a timely manner.

Please note that revoking your membership authorization means you will no longer have access to the benefits, rights, and privileges associated with JESPA membership. Ensure that you have carefully reviewed the implications of membership cancellation before proceeding.

For any further inquiries regarding membership cancellation, you can contact JESPA’s administrative office at 303-279-3232.

Thank you for your prior membership and engagement with JESPA. We value your dedication to our mission of promoting worker’s rights, student well-being, and fostering a collective voice among Education Support Professionals in Jeffco and hope that you will consider rejoining or commiting to keeping your membership active!