Join the Union for Empowered Education Support Professionals

Uniting for Student Success, Worker’s Rights, and Collective Power

Welcome to JESPA, the Union that’s not just about association – we’re about solidarity, workers’ rights, and collective strength. With about 3,800 Education Support Professionals in Jeffco’s workforce, we’re the frontline champions of health, safety, and success for all Jeffco students. As a member of JESPA, you’re not just joining a union – you’re standing up for quality education, fostering a strong community, securing your rights, and negotiating together for the issues most important to ESPs.

Union Power: Advancing Worker’s Rights

At JESPA, we’re dedicated to advancing the rights of education support professionals. By joining our union, you’re taking a significant step towards empowering yourself and your colleagues:

  • Unite for a Strong Voice: Stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow professionals to advocate for better working conditions and fair treatment.
  • Collective Bargaining Power: As a dues-paying member, you gain a voice and vote in critical decisions, including the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Rights Protection: Enjoy the assurance that if issues arise, you’re backed by a united force, ready to safeguard your rights on the job.
  • Empowerment Through Participatory Decision-Making and Voting: Influence the choice of representatives, run for union offices, participate in strategy meetings, and vote on important decisions to ensure your perspective is represented.
Student-Centered Focus: Impacting Lives Together

At JESPA, we believe in education that centers around students’ growth and well-being. By standing together, we create an environment where student success and worker’s rights go hand in hand:

  • Accountability for Success: we hold district administration and elected officials accountable for prioritizing student achievement and well-being.
  • Qualified and Skilled Professionals: We work hard to ensure that Education Support Professionals in Jeffco remain highly qualified, certified, and skilled for the benefit of our students.
  • Fighting for Safer Environments: We stand up for better student learning conditions and safer, more supportive work environments. We fight for staffing levels to meet our students’, teachers’, and community’s needs.
  • Building Better Futures: By advocating for professional growth, better pay, and improved benefits, we attract and retain the best professionals, ultimately benefitting students.
Unity: Making Change Together

Your membership in JESPA is more than a commitment – it’s a shared journey towards progress and empowerment:

  • Strengthened by Agreements: Uphold the JESPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, a testament to our commitment to workers’ rights and excellence.
  • Solidarity in Action: Engage in discussions, events, and projects that drive positive change, shaping the future of education support professionals.
  • Elevating the Union: Spread the word and encourage your coworkers to join, amplifying our collective impact.
  • Empowerment Through Union: Participate in organizing, lead efforts, and make your voice heard, building a stronger future for all.
Your Step Towards Personal and Collective Power: Join JESPA

Joining JESPA is not just a decision; it’s an empowering choice to stand with your fellow professionals, advocate for student success, and secure your worker’s rights. Take action now:

  • Review Union Terms: Discover the updated dues, terms, and conditions here.
  • Commit to Change: Fill out the JESPA membership form and be a part of the union that empowers education professionals.
Empowerment Through Union. Success Through Solidarity.


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