JESPA Locals

JESPA represents 4,000 ESPs with eight locals representing our members based on their job titles. Each member belongs to both JESPA and one of their locals, as well as CEA (Colorado Education Association) and NEA (National Education Association)

The eight locals all have a governing body. Each of the eight locals sends two representatives (their president and vice-president) to the JESPA Executive Board.

  • JCAP – Paraprofessionals, Clinic Aides, and Locker Room Aides
  • JCAEOP – Education and Office Professionals (Secretaries, Techs, Paraeducators, Interpreters, Tutors, Notetakers, Liaisons, Etc)
  • JCMA – Maintenance, Mechanics, and Grounds
  • JCPK – Preschool Instructors, Instructional Partners, and Directors
  • JCSSA – Custodians, Facility Managers, and Head Custodians
  • JCSFSA – Food and Nutrition Services Cafeteria Managers and Workers, Utility Workers, and Warehouse Workers and Delivery Drivers
  • JCTA – Transportation Bus Drivers, Assistants, Dispatchers, Trainers