As a member of JESPA, you also belong to a  local association based on your job type, as well as state and national associations, Colorado Education Association and the National Education Association, so that we have power to advocate for ourselves at multiple levels. Click below to find your JESPA and Local Association Dues Rates. This form can be used to join JESPA or let us know about a transfer within the district or to update your payment method.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to call our office at 303-279-3232 or email us.

Formulario de Membresía en Español


JESPA members pay annual unified dues to belong to their local, unit, state, and national union. Union membership dues are a combination of a flat rate and a percentage of income.  Total Dues = CEA/NEA + LOCAL + JESPA.

After reviewing the following, if you have questions about your dues, email

New 23-24 annual dues rates:

JESPA Dues = 0.65% of gross annual wages, excluding overtime (discount from .75% of gross wages)

CEA and NEA dues are a flat annual rate prorated over 12 months: Fewer than 1,440 hours is considered part-time (ex. 180 days x 8 hours/day = 1,440)

  • FT Full Time (more than 1440 hours) =285.83 per year or $23.82/month (if non-prorated 10-month: 28.58 per month)
  • PT Part Time (less than 1440 hours per year) = $154.67 per year or $12.89/month (if non-prorated 10-month: 15.47 per month)
  • QT Quarter time (less than 720 hours per year) = $129.42 per year or $10.79 per month (if non-prorated 10-month: 12.94 per month)

Local Dues based on your job title:

  • JCAP: Paraprofessionals & Health Aides, $0.50/month
  • JCSFSA: Food Service, $1/month
  • JCPK: Preschool, $1/month
  • JCAEOP: Office Professionals and Para Educators $1/month
  • JCSSA: Custodial & Facility Managers, $2/month
  • JCSA: Security & Safety, $2/month
  • JCMA: Maintenance, $3/month
  • JCTA: Bus Drivers, Assistants, and Transportation Employees, $5/month

While dues amounts vary across job titles, the average member’s dues are 1.2% of monthly pay.

AVERAGE EXAMPLES (when annual unified dues are spread over 12 months)

  • $1,500 monthly wage = $21/month
  • $2,500 monthly wage = $30/month
  • $2,900 monthly wage = $34.80/month* average pay
  • $3,500 monthly wage = $42/month