Supporting Each Other and Our Students
JESPA is you and your coworkers standing together. Becoming a JESPA member means uniting with colleagues to strengthen your collective voice. JESPA's organizing efforts have led to holding our district accountable, securing a 56% increase to the minimum wage since 2021, step increases, improved benefits, improved leave policies, fairer hiring practices, and more!
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Fair Compensation and Benefits
JESPA members advocate together to ensure all Education Support Professionals are treated fairly and paid appropriately for our work. Nationwide data consistently reveals that unionized workers enjoy better wages and benefits compared to their non-union counterparts. JESPA members have secured $19.50 minimum wage, a 46% increase to the wage schedule since 2021, step increases, and improved benefits contributions.
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Get Involved and Take Action
JESPA has 8 locals representing nearly 4000 ESPs. We stand together to negotiate ONE Collective Bargaining Agreement. Check out our JESPA campaigns, learn more, and get involved! Do you want to take an active leadership role? Contact your JESPA building rep, local leadership, or JESPA organizers or to find out more!
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We are Paraprofessionals Food Service Workers Bus Drivers and Assistants Custodians Facility Managers Secretaries Professionals Health Aides Maintenance Trades  Campus Supervisors Family Liaisons Bus Assistants  Tutors Grounds Workers Para-Educators Interpreters Techs Preschool Teachers who stand up for our students!

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