JESPA’s Tentative Agreement for Ratification


On May 30, 2019 we reached a Tentative Agreement with the district on our JESPA Negotiated Agreement. We have been working all year, and are proud of the collective work we have done to achieve our next 6-year agreement!

Here is the Tentative Agreement and Tentative Compensation Agreement for your review:

Thank you to every member for your participation and engagement throughout this process. In unity there is strength!

Here are some highlights of what we have achieved:      

  1. A 6-year Agreement with the ability to bring 2 new proposals each year in addition to pay
  2. Further defining “Just Cause” and improving due process language, which protects us from being at-will employees
  3. Protections around outsourcing of jobs to private companies
  4. Improved anti-discrimination language to include gender identity
  5. Improved grievance process and included employee input into performance plans    
  6. Access to orientations and trainings
  7. Restored rights to payroll deduction of membership dues
  8. Improved job bid process      
  9. Improved language for excused absences
  10. Clarified that evaluations should be completed annually

And finally – our compensation agreement for 2019-2020:

Increase to base pay for all employees2.52%
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA):1.5%
Step movement (if eligible to move a step):3.5% average
  • Removal of Step 1 to increase starting pay to attract staff and reduce shortage.
  • Additional COLA will be awarded if district finds funds to increase COLA for JCEA Negotiations which start back up in August.

Total raise if not step-eligible: 4.02% increase

Total raise if step-eligible: 7.52% average

More details are coming! Please join us at our ratification meeting to learn more about the changes and to vote on June 4th at 5pm Details and RSVP here:

This is a members-only meeting and vote. We are the only organization that advocates and negotiates for Education Support Professionals in Jeffco. Support our work and join if you are not a member!

In Solidarity,

The JESPA Negotiations Team

Tony Babauta, Negotiations Chair and Jeffco Support Services Association (JCSSA)
Lara Center, JESPA President/Jeffco Association of Paraprofessionals (JCAP)
Nancy McCanless, Jeffco Association of Educational and Office Professionals (JCAEOP)
Judy Grounds, Jeffco Support Services Association (JCSSA)
Monte Hollander, Jeffco Transportation Association (JCTA)
Tim Allport, Jeffco Security Association (JCSA)
Art Castro, Jeffco Support Services Association (JCSSA)
Sharleen Farmer, JESPA Executive Director

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