Additional Pay Coming Your Way! Thanks JESPA & JCEA!


You probably have already read about our success in negotiating a new JESPA 6-year agreement. The final draft is going to print and will be coming your way soon. Details are on our site here:

We reached a great compensation agreement for 2019-2020, and may be receiving additional funds, depending upon ratification of the agreement by JCEA Members (the teacher’s union). Here are the details:

Increase to base pay for all employees 2.52%
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA): 1.5% +1% from JCEA Negotiations(not yet ratified) = 2.5%
Step movement (if eligible to move a step): 3.5% average
  • Removal of Step 1 to increase starting pay to attract staff and reduce shortage.
  • The Additional 1% COLA will be awarded if both the JCEA membership and the school board ratify the JCEA Agreement which would make the total raise:

Total raise if not step-eligible: 5.02% increase

Total raise if step-eligible: 8.52% average

Compensation increases are in effect now and will show on your September paycheck.

Last September, we also raised the base salary of all ESPs by 5.6%. We are proud to say that over the last year we have won a 10.62% raise to the base for ALL ESP employees, plus continuing step movement this year.  

We are the only organization that advocates and negotiates for Education Support Professionals in Jeffco. Support our work and join if you are not a member!

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