Jeffco Paraeducators Meeting Tuesday January 7th


Over November and December, we surveyed Education Support Professionals about SPED conditions. Then, paraeducators, teachers, and parents came together to discuss SPED learning and working conditions. Paraeducators are meeting again to dig into what we identified as top three issues, although there were many.

  1. Lack of Staff and Jeffco’s staffing guidelines
  2. Inconsistency in SPED Partners
  3. Inappropriate placements

The biggest issue we face is lack of staff and staffing guidelines. Now, we need to do something about it. That is why we are coming together on Tuesday, January 7th at the JESPA office from 4-6pm.

We will plan together and decide next steps.  If you are a paraeducator or other JESPA employee in SPED, you are welcome to attend our planning meeting. 

Please RSVP Here!

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