JESPA’s Priorities for Bargaining


We met for the first bargaining session of 2020 today, February 13th, and discussed our proposals. Our next session will be March 11th at 4pm-8pm at the Ed Center.

Please review our top priorities:

Invest in staff to stop shortages. Shortages are causing major issues for the students we serve and the staff we employ.

The district will staff all ESPs appropriately with minimum hours and minimum staffing levels and ratios to best meet student needs. District will fill all positions and work to attract and retain staff. The district will allow employees to job-share between departments and offer benefits accordingly. The district shall work to retain and invest in staff professional development and allow for growth opportunities in skill and pay. The district should utilize different models for paying employees in order to retain employees.

Treat Education Support Professionals as assets that deserve respect. ESPs report low morale, feeling undervalued, and disrespect as top issues to address.

ESPs must be treated with dignity and respect. Apply a growth mindset to all employees as opposed to a deficit mindset. Update the disciplinary procedures to empower site-based managers and employees to resolve issues together in the spirit of a collaborative vs. punitive approach. Improve problem-solving through the grievance procedure. Also, create and implement a version of a 360-degree type evaluation model allowing for all ESP to annually evaluate administrators in a secure and confidential manner. Evaluation data will then be elevated to the supervisor’s supervisor and Human Resources.

Financial Proposal: Compensation and Benefits

Raise starting pay to a living wage, including steps and cost of living increases. Starting/Base pay should be raised to $15/hour. Wage schedule adjustment to reflect pay equity and equitable raises. Increase benefits allowance. The district shall explore non-traditional approaches to health insurance procurement in a genuine effort to bring down healthcare costs. Discuss the Benefits Advisory Committee structure with language about JESPA roles and rights in this process added to the CBA.

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