District Moves to Close Fact-Finding to the Public; Loses.


Just days before the start of fact-finding over 2020 financial bargaining, the district filed a motion to close the proceeding to the public. JESPA’s attorney filed a counter motion to keep fact-finding open to the public. The fact-finder sided with JESPA and upheld Colorado Public Bargaining Law, meaning, if the district brings 3 or more officials to fact-finding the proceeding must be open to the public. For full details, see below.

JESPA members stand to gain their rightful step increases and COLA if they win at fact-finding and influence the Jeffco Board of Education to accept the findings. You can help the fight for fair pay by being a member of JESPA, asking your co-workers to join, and telling your story of what it’s like to live and work in Jefferson County.

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