Transportation Workers File Class Action Grievance on Change to Personal Leave


This grievance was filed on April 9, 2021 after transportation drivers and assistants noticed their time was incorrect and submitted aticket/payroll issue form to corrrect the error. After learning that this was a purposeful change, Jeffco Transportation Association leaders organized to file a grievance.

This grievance has over 200 active signatures and is growing. Although not everyone in JESPA is affected in a reduction of personal leave hours, a unilateral change in an employee benefit is a violation of the JESPA CBA affects all JESPA members. Many members have lost personal leave hours, a benefit they rely on.

In 2021, grievants in this class received fewer than the promised 16 hours of personal time per year. Per Jeffco policy and practice, all bus drivers and assistants have earned 16 hours of personal time per year, regardless of GBT. The district reduced an employee benefit without negotiation and in violation of the CBA, department policy, and past practice.

Applicable Articles:
This grievance is filed based on Article 3-2, Article 8-3, Addendum A, past practice, department policy created 7/92 last revised 11/2020, and all other applicable articles and sections of the JESPA Collective Bargaining Agreement as well as related board policies, procedures, and practices.

Relief Requested:
Make all employees whole, returning all personal leave owed to equal 16 hours/year of personal time for every affected transportation employee.

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