Make a New Year Resolution of Solidarity!


Our struggle for living wages, good benefits, and respectful treatment is not a struggle we   face alone. Unions and workers across the nation are standing up together against corporate greed and realizing that solidarity can win them what should be common sense and more than the bare minimum that we have all labored under for so long. Some notable collective action amongst workers this past year include;

  • Workers at John Deere staged a strike to win a contract with a wage increase, bonus, and better health insurance
  • Nurses in Buffalo were striking for a $15/hour minimum wage in the face of severe staffing shortages due to the pandemic
  • Kaiser Permanente workers stood up for new employees, rejecting a contract that would have given new staff lower wages and less benefits.
  • Nabisco workers went on strike against forced overtime, poor wages and benefits, and outsourcing
  • Kellogg’s workers across 4 states were on strike for several months, denying a contract that would lower wages and benefits for new staff.
  • Starbucks employees in New York established the first unionized Starbucks shop, even though the corporation did everything it could think of to stop them.

Many of these wins reflect the same energy and effort made here in your community of Jeffco Public Schools. Labor is united across all sorts of jobs and struggles. This is why workers coming together through unions and organizing is crucial to protecting and valuing the hard-working people who drive this economy.

Will you join your coworkers in our collective work for the schools our students deserve?

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