National ESP Day Celebrations!


ESPs hold a special place in the hearts of everyone in our school communities. If you ask any student about their day, they will likely have a story to share about the bus driver who gets them to and from school safely, the secretary who greets them every morning with a smile, the cafeteria worker who feeds them healthy meals at lunch, or the paraeducator who provides them with the space to learn and grow every day. ESPs also include interpreters, tutors, techs, assistants, campus supervisors, custodians and facility managers, and so many behind the scenes workers like maintenance and trades techs, landscape and grounds workers, snow plow drivers, food delivery drivers and warehouse workers. These ESPs work alongside other caring adults to help our students get what they need to succeed.

This ESP Day, we’re coming together to share our stories and celebrate the amazing people who make our schools complete.  Let’s elevate our stories!  Here is a selection of stories we received from ESPs across the district.  We will share more here and on social media throughout the day and encourage you to share stories about your coworkers as well. 

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We received multiple nominations for Andrea Cisneros, Kitchen Manager at West Woods Elementary. Andrea has been vocal about making sure students have a healthy lunch and began her activism when she advocated for school kitchens to stay open to feed students during the pandemic. “Andrea is a ROCK STAR,” says Sarah Smith, preschool educator. “Her passion, drive, and commitment to children has insured that they will eat well now and into the future!”

Mary, the principal’s secretary at Creighton nominated Dawn, a paraeducator as an outstanding ESP.  Dawn has been with the district for decades. She has been there for students and goes above and beyond her job duties with love and patience. She is an inspiration to all who are fortunate to work with her. Way to go Dawn!


Lara Eddy, principal at Semper Elementary nominated Cassie as an outstanding ESP.  Cassie is a paraeducator in the Affective Needs program. “She brings a high level of positivity and energy to our school every single day, even on days that can be very challenging. She loves her job, her team and her students! We appreciate Cassie for going above and beyond for her students and team every day with a big smile and a high five.”

Kathy, principal’s secretary at South Lakewood Elementary nominated her coworker Elisa Hansen.  “Elisa does so much for our Kindergarten students and Kindergarten teachers. She has been a Kindergarten
para for many years at South Lakewood. She is very dependable, is always available to assist with any project, has great ideas for new ways to create a good learning environment and has a positive attitude in all situations.” 


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