JESPA Proposes Paid Health Insurance, $20 Minimum to fully staff our schools with ESPs


On Thursday the JESPA Bargaining team met with the district to exchange bargaining proposals and share our vision for thriving schools. After multiple surveys and an in person bargaining workshop, the JESPA team brought the membership’s top priorities to the table: Staffing, Benefits and Wages.   

 Here are some highlights of JESPA’s proposal:

  • $20/hr starting wages ($3.00 COLA for all)
  • Full-time jobs with benefits
  • Paid health insurance premiums
  • Paraeducators for all students with special needs.  Meet every IEP
  • Paraprofessionals for every teacher
  • Bus assistants for every bus.
  • Sufficient routes and drivers for students who need transportation.
  • No Outsourcing to private, for-profit companies

The District’s proposals:

  • Article 4 – Work Assignments (Specific to the selection process and probationary period)
  • Article 16 – Food Service (Differential pay, MEQs, additional positions)

The District also proposed the following as mutual items:

  • Article 12 – Grievance Procedure The JESPA team agreed to this mutual proposal
  • MOU – Conducting Negotiations (3-2)  – The JESPA team declined this mutual propoal.

Read the JESPA initial proposal document here. Official language will be drafted to exchange soon. 

Our next session is on Monday, March 6th, from 12-8. Save the date!

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