Colorado ESP of the Year is JESPA Member Andrea Cisneros


Our very own Andrea Cisneros has been recognized as the Colorado ESP of the year! She is a food service manager at West Woods Elementary and a proud member of JESPA. Andrea is known for her tireless dedication and hard work, both in her role as a food service manager and in her involvement with the union.

Andrea has been a FNS worker for JEFFCO Public Schools for 23 years. She is the current secretary of JESPA and on our organizing committee. She works tirelessly to promote our association through her organizational efforts and is directly responsible for much of the growth JESPA has seen over the last few years. We often see Andrea volunteering at the JESPA office after work making phone calls or helping with other association business. Andrea is the current vice president of JESPA’s food service local JCSFSA. She is a fierce advocate for healthy food for our students.

At her worksite, she has transformed her cafeteria into a place that promotes positivity, sustainability and health. Her service does not include junk food and has introduced composting. She is on JEFFCO’s Healthy Food Pilot Program’s leadership council where she and concerned community members work to introduce healthy and sustainable food service practices to the district with the hopes of creating a more equitable and enjoyable FNS program for all.

Andrea spent countless hours volunteering to help pass proposition FF (Healthy School Meals for All) by participating in campaign events, phone banking, door knocking and even being in a commercial. Using the media, Andrea has promoted ESPs as compassionate, intelligent, and courageous human beings who want what’s best for our students.

Her commitment to improving the lives of the students and staff she serves is truly inspiring, and her passion for her work is evident in everything she does. Andrea’s leadership and advocacy have made a significant impact on the education community in Colorado, and she is a shining example of the positive change that can result from hard work and determination.

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