We Support Kaiser Workers – Kaiser Settle the Contract Now!


Open Letter to Kaiser Regional President, Michael Ramseier

The JESPA Executive Board supports the Kaiser Strike . Kaiser workers are on strike for better patient care, staffing, and wages!

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Dear Micheal Ramseier,

We are writing on behalf of JESPA, the Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association, composed of nearly 4,000 school workers. We want to express our wholehearted support for the 75,000 Kaiser Permanente employees currently on strike in a historic display of unity and resolve. Their determination to demand fair wages, safe staffing levels and improved patient conditions is commendable.

JESPA members, many of whom are Kaiser Permanente patients, share in the disappointment over the way Kaiser has treated both its workers and patients. The profit-driven approach taken by Kaiser has been detrimental to both its employees and the patients they serve.  Kaiser continues to raise premiums and deductibles, offloading costs to the patients.  

The dedication of the striking healthcare professionals highlights the pressing need for change within the healthcare industry. Chronic understaffing means service has declined for your patients although we are paying more out of pocket for services.

We firmly stand with our fellow union members at Kaiser in their quest for fair treatment, adequate compensation, and safe staffing levels.

In these challenging times, the strike serves as a reminder of the importance of collective action and the need to stand up for workers’ rights.

We urge you to stand by your values, pay livable wages, and respect the workers who provide essential healthcare services.  It’s time to settle this contract!


Zander Kaschub, President

On behalf of the JESPA Executive Board

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