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Our personal safety and health is a priority as well as the safety and health of our loved ones and communities. We can’t help stop the spread if we continue to allow access to our buildings and continue to interact with each other while conducting work that is not essential. This is not a situation where “mostly good” will suffice; all it takes is one viral introduction to a school environment, and we are back to square one, needing to reset the isolation clock. Every unnecessary step into a facility increases the chance of a continued shutdown. Jeffco employees are facing uncertainty regarding potential layoffs, no clear direction regarding compensation or what is considered essential work, and lack of concern for personal safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have been told if I cannot report to work, I may be terminated or have to take leave without pay. What should I do?

We have heard reports of staff being threatened with termination if they are not able to come in because they need to care for their children. This is absolutely unacceptable, as there are employee paid leave rights under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  


If you are caring for children or have other concerns that limit you from working and you’d like to take leave, please read our post here.

I am sick but I have been told I have to come to work or I’m out of sick time and I need the pay.  What should I do?

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 – DO NOT COME TO WORK. You should contact your HR partner or JESPA for assistance. You can fill out this district form.


If you have another illness or you have a weakened immune system, we are encouraging anyone who is in this situation to please reach out to their healthcare provider for guidance. We know each situation will be different. If the healthcare provider gives guidance affecting attending school or work, staff should reach out to their HR partner to make plans for next steps.


I’ve been asked to do work that I don’t consider essential. I feel I’m putting myself and others in harm’s way, and I feel this violates the public health order. What should I do?


According to the Superintendent’s Memo: “Thoughtful consideration should be provided as to which employees are really necessary to be brought in for inperson work. Employees should only be called in for inperson work if their presence is absolutely necessary for the completion of tasks related to the essential functions of education, food service, and construction. Employees that are able to perform work at home should be directed to do so. We should only be calling in persons for inperson work if that work is impossible to complete remotely.”


We believe that much of the tasks being assigned can be assigned differently or shouldn’t be assigned at all. If you are assigned to tasks that are NOT essential tasks, and want our support, please let us know at the JESPA office here: .


The district’s form is here: Use this form to report a concern about work issues such as: non-critical task assignments, need for personal protective equipment in the workplace, work environments which result in gatherings of employees in small spaces, lack of social distancing in work spaces, or inappropriate treatment of staff related to scheduling or use of sick, vacation or personal accruals.
Use this form if you feel you have been retaliated against by your supervisor or other staff member in relation to your rights as an employee.



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