JESPA Negotiations News

On Monday afternoon, February 25, 2019, Jeffco Public Schools and the Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association agreed on the distribution of compensation dollars from the November 2018 mill levy override (5A).


This compensation, upon approval of the JESPA and the Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education, will be provided to all JESPA employees in a one-time payment recognizing the work of the employees. Employees will receive one of three payment amounts, based on the employment hours of the employee:

  • 8 hours to 6 hours per day – $800
  • Less than 6 hours per day to 4 or more hours per day – $400
  • Less than 4 hours per day – $300

These payments honor the contributions of all educational support professionals throughout the district in a way that recognizes the daily commitment to the work of each and every member. The teams are proud of the negotiations work completed to reach this agreement.


The JESPA will work towards acceptance with their members, and the district will then proceed in securing Board of Education approval – with the intention to make the employee compensation payments in March or April of 2019, as quickly and accurately as possible.

Please note that 5A monies are part of ongoing compensation negotiations between JESPA and the District. This one time bonus is only part of those negotiations and the negotiations team will continue talks with the District as to how on-going dollars from 5A will be distributed to ESPs. As a JESPA member your voice counts. A ratification vote will soon be sent out and it is important that you take a moment to cast your vote for this portion of negotiations.