About ESPs

Jeffco Education Support Professionals ensure the safety, health, and success of all students.

There are approximately 3700-4000 of us in Jeffco.

We are professionals.

  • Many of us are required to hold special certifications or licenses.
  • We take part in ongoing professional development to enhance our skills.
  • We have been employed an average of 13 years.  
  • We chose education as a career so we can make a positive impact on students.

We keep kids safe, healthy, and engaged.

  • We clear snow, make repairs, and maintain the buildings.
  • We greet visitors and keep buildings safe.
  • We serve healthy meals.
  • We maintain essential files and help keep classrooms running smoothly.
  • We know the kids, their names, their personalities, and their health and dietary needs.
  • We get kids to and from school safely and on-time.

We care!  

  • We are focused on safety—All of our jobs involve keeping kids safe whether on a bus, on the playground, in the cafeteria, office, clinic or the classroom.
  • We are active in the school community.  We read to students, participate in parent organizations, and we volunteer in after-school activities.
  • 83% of us live in our district.
  • We know our students and parents, and they know and trust us.
  • We have worked in our buildings for an average of 13 years.