New Late Start Contract Language


Last year, there was unfairness in how supervisors paid or didn’t pay and who they did and didn’t call in for late starts! We recently negotiated new contract language on this, so if your supervisors are confused, please have them read this post!

From the JESPA CBA:

8-13 Weather and Emergency Late Start Days

8-13-1 In the event of a weather or emergency related late start (two-hour delay), all non-essential ESP personnel will report to work two hours later than regular start time, and receive two hours of
miscellaneous paid time and work regular scheduled hours for the remainder of the work day.
Essential personnel, as defined by a department supervisor or school principal, will report to work
at the regular reporting time and work the regularly scheduled hours and receive two hours of
miscellaneous leave.

For reporting time:

  • If you report to work two hours late, you’ll report the time you work and 2 hours of misc leave to cover the late start.
  • If you came to work at your regular time because you are deemed essential by your department or by your school, you enter your regular time and add 2 hours of misc leave.

Please request an electronic copy of the contract here, and if you are member, you can request a physical paper copy!

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