JESPA Declares Impasse in Negotiations with Jeffco Public Schools



April 25, 2024

JESPA Declares Impasse in Negotiations with Jeffco Public Schools


Cites Failure in Discussions Regarding Unsafe Staffing, Outsourcing, and Healthy School Meals


JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO. – During last night’s bargaining session, the Jefferson County Education Support Professionals Association (JESPA) declared an impasse in this year’s negotiations with Jeffco Public Schools. JESPA President Zander Kaschub delivered a statement, reflecting deep concerns over the district’s negotiation tactics and their impact on school staff and students.

“During this year’s negotiations, it has become evident that Jeffco Public Schools is unwilling to engage in good faith discussions regarding the well-being of our Education Support Professionals and, consequently, the students we serve,” Kaschub stated.

This impasse comes despite JESPA bringing forth crucial issues like Student-Centered Staffing and Job Stability, with the district continually refusing to meaningfully engage over proposed solutions or reach mutual agreements. JESPA’s position is backed by extensive community support, including parents who attended the session in solidarity, advocating for improved conditions that directly affect their children, particularly the fight for healthy school meals.

“Our interests reflect the demands of our members and community,” Kaschub emphasized, underlining the widespread support from various community institutions and advocacy groups.

The session also highlighted the district’s refusal to discuss and solve low staffing levels which are, too often, detrimental to students’ education.” The continued maintenance of dangerously low staffing levels of support staff has had a direct impact on our children’s health, education, and safety,” Kaschub added. The district’s failure to post and hire for open positions has led to outsourcing positions, which not only diverts taxpayer dollars but also undermines the community’s trust and the efficacy of school operations.


Kaschub criticized the district’s financial priorities and refusal to negotiate, pointing out that, “Poverty-level wages are enforced while the district holds an excessive $211 million in reserves and pays an attorney $277 an hour to sit across the table from us with explicit direction to bust my union.” The district’s refusal to negotiate over JESPA’s concerns is seen as contradictory to the district’s own negotiation policy, which aims to ensure that “employees’ input and proposals are fully considered before making related decisions.”

The announcement of an impasse is a significant move, signaling JESPA’s readiness to take legal steps to challenge the district’s refusal to negotiate. “On behalf of JESPA, I am declaring an impasse in this year’s negotiation process,” Kaschub declared, noting the legal representation JESPA has sought to address this failure.

As negotiations falter, JESPA is determined to find a resolution that respects and addresses the concerns of educators and the community. “We are seeking an environment where our concerns are met with respect and serious consideration. Until we can find a path forward that leads us there, we are at an impasse,” Kaschub concluded.


The Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association is a union of 3,800 Education Support Professionals dedicated to providing unwavering support to every student, in every public school, and across every neighborhood in Jefferson County. JESPA champions the rights of our members to have a strong voice in their workplaces, fostering an environment where students can embark on their educational journey with confidence and thrive from the very start to the very end of their school day.


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