JESPA is fighting for a raise and hazard pay!


Did we just propose a 12% increase on wages to those on the bottom of the wage schedule?  Yes we did!

The JESPA bargaining team met with the district to offer a counter proposal on financials earlier this week.  We not only proposed steps and a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment), we also proposed tiered increases with focus on increasing the pay of our lowest paid workers.  We’ve done our research and know that there is money that can be leveraged to pay for these increases.  For too long, JESPA wages have lagged and many of our members are struggling to make ends meet all while the number of those making over $100k has doubled and the number of central administrators has increased significantly.

Our JESPA membership’s priority has been to fight for a minimum $15 wage.  Our first proposal stated this.  The district’s counter proposal was no steps and no COLA. Our counter proposal will not quite get some of our members to a $15 wage, but it moves us in the right direction. 

In addition to 12% increases for those making $13 hour or less, we also proposed:

  • Step Increases
    • Any step that has a value of below 3.8% will be brought up to that amount.
  • A range of 3% -12% wage adjustment/COLA for JESPA Bargaining Unit members.
  • Longevity steps at 10-15-20 years of service instead of 11-16-21 years of service in order to maximize lifetime earnings.
  • Hazard pay and the right to refuse hazardous work assignments.
  • Two additional paid days for training related to COVID-19.
  • Student Based Budgeting dollars to cover increased wages at the school budget level.
  • Increasing transparency when considering health insurance options by bringing debate to the bargaining table.
  • Returning to work anyone who has been laid off under the pretense of a COVID budget cut.

You can review our full proposal here:

We have also tentatively agreed to most of the language proposals and will soon have a draft tentative agreement posted for review.  We will continue to add to the TA as we reach agreement at the table.

Please stay tuned.  An agreement can only be finalized with a vote of the JESPA membership.  Our next bargaining date will be July 15th 1:30-4:30pm.  Please watch with us and join us as we will be getting the district’s counter proposal that day.  You can tune into negotiations here:

All JESPA members are welcome to join the JESPA bargaining team for caucus.  Watch your email for the invitation.

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