District Financial Proposal Opens Possibility for Furloughs and Layoffs


JESPA is currently bargaining for steps, COLA, hazard pay, and guaranteed no layoffs amid the COVID pandemic. Despite the district previously proposing no layoffs for essential workers, they came to the bargaining table last night with a proposal that creates a loophole and would allow them to do just that.  See their previous proposal here. The JESPA bargaining team found the district’s proposal to be unacceptable and intends to hold strong at the next bargaining session coming soon.  

Three important highlights stood out:

  1. No steps or COLA offered to ESPs
  2. The district doesn’t recognize a need for hazard pay because they believe they are following all COVID safety protocols and there is no increased danger
  3. The district proposed a loophole that would allow them to go back on their previous promise of no layoffs or furloughs for ESPs.
You can read the district’s full proposal here. JESPA Bargaining team member and JCSSA Vice President Judy Grounds responded to the district’s offer with “I’m ashamed that this was the proposal we got from our district. This is sad, and this is a bad faith proposal.”
With another precious bargaining opportunity wasted, JESPA asked the district to go back and redo the proposal and bring membership a real financial offer that respects our essential workers at the next session which is tentatively scheduled for August 14th.
In the meantime, all ESPs can support the bargaining effort by:

We are stronger when we all work together for change. Click here to join us in JESPA.

Click here to watch the August 4th bargaining session (starting at 3:20:54 for details on the proposal)


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