Could a JESPA Member Become the National ESP of the Year?


Andrea Cisneros, Colorado’s ESP of the Year, serves as an inspiring example for ESPs not only across the state but nationwide. She has demonstrated exceptional dedication to organizing not just her colleagues but also actively engaging with parent and student communities. Andrea’s unwavering advocacy for providing healthy meals to all students has yielded remarkable results, making her a deserving candidate for the National ESP Award.

In her role within the Jefferson Area Healthy Meals Pilot Program, Andrea has fostered vital connections within her community, fostering closer collaboration between Jeffco, community groups, and local farmers. Her tireless efforts, including grassroots campaigning for the passage of Prop FF, Healthy School Meals for All Students, have expanded access to school meals for numerous students. Andrea played a central role in the successful action alongside Coloradans for the Common Good, which secured commitments from school board candidates to raise wages, improve access to healthy food, address staffing shortages, and stop outsourcing jobs to private companies. Post-election, Andrea continued her organizing work, ensuring that the board upheld these commitments.

Her impactful efforts directly led to a $3/hr wage increase for JESPA members and initiated a healthy food pilot program led by food service workers and parents. Andrea’s dedication extends to mentoring emerging food service union members, forging connections with community organizations, faith institutions, and parent groups. She currently serves on the community advisory board of the Jeffco Food Policy Council, has held a position as a JESPA officer, actively contributes to the JESPA organizing committee, and provides invaluable support to JESPA members in need.

Now, Andrea has received a well-deserved nomination as a candidate for the National ESP of the Year. Let’s extend our best wishes to Andrea as we hope she advances to the finals, recognizing her outstanding contributions and commitment to our community. She undeniably deserves this recognition!


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