JESPA Advances Student-Centered Proposals for Collective Bargaining


JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO. – The Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association (JESPA) is proud to announce our collective bargaining proposals, focused on strengthening our schools through job stability, consistent service and student-centered staffing.  

JESPA and Jeffco Public Schools are each allowed to submit two proposals, plus compensation and benefits for negotiation this year, ahead of a full contract opener next year. 

“JESPA members have engaged in a collective process, including surveys, forums, and a ratification process to choose our most pressing collective issues,” said Zander Kaschub, JESPA President.  “We are proud to stand with parents and community members as we bring these critical issues to the table. Ultimately, our goal is to create and maintain an environment where students thrive.” 

Proposal #1 – Student-Centered and Adequate Staffing – We advocate for adequate staffing ratios, enhanced HR systems for retention and hiring, extra duty pay for work shortages and strict accountability for the respectful treatment of ESPs. This proposal aligns with the Jeffco Thrives 2025 Major Initiatives, reinforcing our dedication to a values-based culture and modern business practices.

Proposal #2: Promoting Stability and Consistency in Service- Our unwavering commitment to serving our students is reflected in this proposal to combat high turnover and outsourcing costs. Lack of adequate staffing and outsourcing to private companies creates inconsistency and safety issues for our students. JESPA requests restrictions on subcontracting and a focus on consistent service for our students.

JESPA also remains committed to the pursuit of competitive compensation, affordable healthcare premiums and out-of-pocket costs and quality services from our healthcare providers. While specific proposals are forthcoming, our unwavering stance on improving the financial well-being of our members and ensuring access to affordable healthcare remains at the forefront of our goals. Our ability to negotiate hinges on the district’s financial transparency and commitment to engage in good faith. The delayed release of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, initially due November 30th, is a matter of concern for our ability to prepare well for financial negotiations.

In addition to the two proposals, we will continue discussions on expanding healthy school meals, meal equivalency pay, benefits and compensation structures. JESPA remains committed to advocating for an equitable, transparent and accountable educational experience for all students. Our focus is on the well-being of our members and the quality of education for our students, and we look forward to productive conversations with the school district.

To review both interests and solutions proposed by the JESPA Membership, click here.


The Jeffco Education Support Professionals Association is a union of 3,800 Education Support Professionals dedicated to providing unwavering support to every student, in every public school, and across every neighborhood in Jefferson County. JESPA champions the rights of our members to have a strong voice in their workplaces, fostering an environment where students can embark on their educational journey with confidence and thrive from the very start to the very end of their school day.

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